Network & Communications

A well-designed network and communications system is as essential to your operations as a well-constructed building. At J&A Engineering, our independent approach and decades of experience ensure your voice and data networks will be robust, reliable and tailored to your operational needs.

J&A Engineering brings to every network and communications project an in-depth understanding of cable plant design, industry standards and the latest communications technologies. We have the experience needed to get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money. And when the project is done, we hand over well-defined design plans that will make any future modifications both effective and affordable.

Our Network & Communications design services include:


  • Working with your voice/data system managers to determine system topology and hardware requirements.
  • Aligning telecommunication infrastructure placement with architectural and electrical designs, including coordinating size and requirements of telecom equipment rooms and calculating heat loads to ensure adequate cooling.
  • Providing detailed construction documents and specifications for system installations.
Our construction documents include:


  • Diagrams of outlet, raceway, patch panel, riser and cabling systems and locations.
  • Detailed drawings of wiring, outlets and data patch panel layouts.
  • Outlet and cable labeling information.J&A Engineering designs comply with applicable codes and guidelines, including BICSI and the TIA/EIA 568, 569 and 606 standards. We ensure proper design of fiber-optic systems by adhering to ICEA S-83-5967 and S-83-576 standards.

Representative Projects