Life Safety Systems

A robust and reliable life safety system is essential to health care and public safety operations, and J&A Engineering’s team has the know-how to deliver a system you can rely on. Our expertise ensures successful life safety projects from start to finish.

J&A Engineering provides fire alarm, nurse call, mass-notification and emergency-call systems design engineering services for the building environment in cooperation with architects, owners and agencies. Our team of life safety systems engineers — certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) — also provide planning and programming services.

We offer:

Studies & Evaluations include vulnerability assessments and studies of existing facilities, as well as facilities in the design stage; evaluations of existing life safety systems, with attention to potential risks.

Document Review includes comprehensive reviews of construction documents related to electronic security, voice/data/CATV distribution, audio/visual, communications and life safety systems. Clients benefit from our value engineering, construction management and quality assurance.

Estimating Services include detailed estimates of life safety systems designs. This is a specialized service, and J&A Engineering’s comprehensive experience ensures our estimators understand the associated concepts and costs.

Construction Engineering benefits from our expertise in the creation of shop drawings and submittal documents for the contractor. Contractors rely on our assistance in product evaluation, document reviews and bid evaluations. We also can perform extensive systems testing and commissioning for the contractor, better ensuring full acceptance by the project owner.

Construction Management includes comprehensive project management, program management and related construction management services for life safety systems projects, including project planning and control, scheduling, sequencing and acting as liaison between the contractor and the architect or owner. Our construction management experience enables the work to run smoothly from inception to acceptance.A well-designed network and communications system is as essential to your operations as a well-constructed building. At J&A Engineering, our independent approach and decades of experience ensure your voice and data networks will be robust, reliable and tailored to your operational needs.

J&A Engineering brings to every network and communications project an in-depth understanding of cable plant design, industry standards and the latest communications technologies. We have the experience needed to get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money. And when the project is done, we hand over well-defined design plans that will make any future modifications both effective and affordable.