IT/Low Voltage Advisory Services

J&A Engineering understands the daunting task that healthcare systems face today with regard to planning, budgeting and delivering projects and system retrofits.  We also realize that having qualified and available staff to accomplish these tasks is becoming increasingly difficult. Our Advisory Services have helped hundreds of clients develop their technology roadmaps by performing low cost, but big impact analysis of their current and future IT/Low Voltage systems.
Advisory Service engagements often involve at least one or more of the following:

Our collaborative IT/Low Voltage assessments are thorough and proven, evaluating people, process and technology. We objectively assess performance, function and budget against relevant peers. J & A’s team will strategically calculate the optimal use of existing systems combined with installation of new systems to maximize a project’s technology budget while meeting the goals and requirements for the new and or upgraded system (s).

Strategic Plan Development
Our IT and Low Voltage roadmaps support clinical / operational objectives, yet are actionable and deliver near-term results. IT/Low Voltage objectives and services must serve your organization’s specific market demographics, culture, budget, industry trends and internal capacity. We usually facilitate plan development, and often update governance between IT, Nursing, Bio Med and executive leadership to ensure long-term accountability.

Vendor Selection
J&A can assist in a variety of ways. Some clients want an independent party to facilitate a full selection process involving executive education, proposal development, and vendor evaluation. Other clients choose an abbreviated process, or selective expertise. We have the tools and experience to expedite these activities in a fair and budget conscious manner.

Program and Budget Analysis
IT/Low Voltage budgets are routinely under funded from the project onset. Architects, Program Management, Owner Representatives and Owner’s typically allocate between 3 to 4% of the total construction budget for IT/Low Voltage System. This low percentage of the total construction budget will grossly underfund the new technology systems facing healthcare facilities of today.  This does not even take into consideration 15 to 20 years from now.
At J&A, we will set and maintain the most accurate IT/Low Voltage budget.  We will lead the budget process and properly set and maintain the appropriate % throughout the project lifecycle.

Cost / Benefit Modeling
We help determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) for major IT and Low Voltage investments no matter how small or large the project is or becomes.

Advisory Services:


  • Assessments
  • Strategic IT/Low Voltage Plan Development
  • Vendor Selection Support
  • Program and Budget Validation
  • Cost/Benefit Modeling
  • RFP development & administration

Owner’s Representative Services:


  • Cost and Budget Control
  • Program Management
  • Equipment Selection and Procurement
  • Transition and Relocation Planning
  • Mobile Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Workflow Improvement and Utilization of new and existing systems