IT/Low Voltage Owner’s Rep Services

As an owner’s representative, we serve as an extension of the owner’s staff. J&A Engineering provides guidance throughout the lifecycle of your project, protecting the owner’s interests at all times.

J&A provides owners with the value-added resources they will need to make their project a success. For an owner whose IT/Low Voltage team may not have the required depth of resources to look after each component of a project, J&A literally serves as an extension of their staff.

As the project’s “advocate,” we can provide on-site representation to make sure that all IT/Low Voltage construction proceeds in accordance with contract documents, on time and within budget. Working as your “eyes and ears,” J&A experts enable clients to focus on their core business without distraction.

We collaborate with you to managing the day to day design and construction costs, project delivery time, and facility life cycle costs while maximizing project flexibility and value through strong communication and process development.

Our talented staff can augment your existing team as they work on your behalf when limited staff is available.  Our expertise is with IT cabling and Infrastructure, Security Systems, Nurse Call, VOIP, Ethernet and Wi-Fi Networks, Audio Visual Systems, CATV/HDTV and RTLS Systems.

Call J&A today for the following services:

Cost and Budget Control

J&A is unparalleled in providing cost, planning, and scheduling management services on IT/Low Voltage projects in multiple industries. We provide owners with constant feedback and information to ensure successful project execution. To accomplish this, we develop and maintain custom reports that graphically depict project cost and schedule status in a timely manner. This leads to enhanced cost and schedule management and increases the likelihood of achieving (or beating) your cost and schedule goals.

Our cost management processes actively control cost at all project stages, giving project participants a clear financial picture at any time and allowing team members to make timely, informed decisions. In addition, integrating cost and schedule data from each project identifies potential interferences with, impacts to, or competition for limited resources, often before program/project milestones are impacted.

Program Management

At J&A, we develop and maintain detailed program schedules for all program phases. In fact, schedule management starts well before construction begins, ideally in the visioning/planning phases where each task associated with design, bidding, construction, and commissioning is scheduled to avoid project/construction delays.

Our schedule management services include developing master, objective, design phase, construction, and commissioning/close-out schedules; reviewing schedules and providing value scheduling. We prepare and update master schedules that portray summary level activities for each phase from small to large IT/Low Voltage projects.

Equipment selection and procurement

J&A is completely vendor neutral on all systems in the market today. We constantly evaluate and update ourselves to the latest and greatest systems on the market place today. We will provide a unbiased analysis for owners to use while choosing the right systems and infrastructures for their facility. Our team can develop, issue, evaluate and maintain all RFI’s, RFPs, selection and procure all of the required systems. We ensure the new or upgraded systems have the best overall price (including TCO), functionality, ease of use and future proof for years to come.

Transition and Relocation planning

Prior to beginning the transition and relocation work, J&A will lead comprehensive planning sessions to learn about the facility’s project and organization goals. We engage the facility’s leadership team, gaining an understanding of the existing and new build outs, checking facts and setting realistic milestones.

J&A’s Four Phase Approach

We have a “Four Phase” approach that begins with defining the transition and relocation milestones and ends with final occupancy and cut over. Below is an overview of our Four Phase approach:

Defining the Transition and Relocation Timeframe

After gaining a complete understanding of the project, we create a comprehensive milestone chart that the Transition Leadership Team will utilize to carry out the transition and relocation work.

Facilitate and Manage

With our milestone and timelines in place, we begin the transition and relocation planning work.  During the Facilitate and Manage Phase, J & A will focus efforts on facilitating activities and producing the IT/Low Voltage deliverables defined by the Request for Proposal (RFP’s).  We create task lists. This is our “accountability task list” which is developed, maintained, tracked and completed throughout the transition process.
Key activities accomplished during the Facilitate and Manage Phase are:
•    Development of the facility Move Plan
•    Information Technology Planning (servers, computers, printers, etc.)
•    Integration of department move plans

Mobile Communication Strategy & Planning

How do you define a true mobile communication strategy? Will your clinical and auxiliary team be able to communicate with each other effectively and efficiently? These are two “defining questions once the new build out or renovation has been completed. J & A’s industry experts will manage and deliver a complete integration of pivoting key mobile communication devices. evaluating people, process and technology.

Workflow Improvement and Utilization of New and Existing Systems

Fact: You facility has just purchased and/or updated technology. The goal was to improve your clinical and auxiliary staff’s communication, workflow and productivity throughout your enterprise. Reality: you are using less than 5% of your exiting and/or new systems capabilities.

J & A will spend time with both clinical and auxiliary staffs to increase functionality and utilization. We have a staff of industry experts that will identify workflow and utilization opportunities. The following is a list of systems we support:

  • Nursecall
  • Tablets, Smartphones, VOIP Phones
  • Infant and Patient Protection Systems
  • Real time Location Systems (RTLS)
  • Security Systems (IP Cameras, Command Centers, Access Control, etc.)
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Telephony Systems

Advisory Services:


  • Assessments
  • Strategic IT/Low Voltage Plan Development
  • Vendor Selection Support
  • Program and Budget Validation
  • Cost/Benefit Modeling
  • RFP development & administration

Owner’s Representative Services:


  • Cost and Budget Control
  • Program Management
  • Equipment Selection and Procurement
  • Transition and Relocation Planning
  • Mobile Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Workflow Improvement and Utilization of new and existing systems