Acoustical testing, consultation & design

How a building sounds is as key to its function as any structural or technological attribute. From multifamily residential projects to biomedical facilities to class-A office space, our acoustic team combines technical expertise with decades of field experience to ensure optimal acoustic performance in any setting.


Acoustical Consultation and Design Services


  • Room Shaping (for musical rehearsal and performance facilities) to optimize physical acoustic reinforcement/control/blending
  • Interior Acoustics – Goal-setting & Analysis for predicted reverberation time (RT); finish recommendations to achieve goals for specific uses (intelligibility, music performance or rehearsal, meeting/conference)
  • Sound Isolation – Goal-setting & Analysis for predicted Sound Transmission Class (STC) and/or Noise Isolation Class (NIC); partition assembly/construction recommendations to achieve goals for specific uses


Acoustical Testing Services of Existing Spaces


  • Reverberation time (RT) testing of existing finishes; conforms to ISO 3382 and ASTM E2235 standardized procedures.
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Noise Isolation Class (NIC) testing of existing partitions (wall or floor-ceiling) for Airborne sound isolation; conforms to ASTM E336 and ASTM E413 standardized procedures.
  • Impact Isolation Class (IIC) of floor-ceiling structures for existing and/or sample finishes; conforms to ASTM E1007 standardized procedures.
  • Background/HVAC noise measurement to quantify Noise Criteria/Room Criteria (NC/RC); used for direct reporting or as part of calculations for speech privacy and/or intelligibility.
  • Environmental/site noise monitoring for existing or potential construction sites with air/highway/rail traffic or other exterior noise factors; analyze and quantify to assess impact and relate to established metrics such as DNL (Day-Night Levels), sleep disturbance or conformance to ordinances.

For Architectural Firms

  • Stand-Alone C&D (consultation and design) services: Start-to-finish from SDs through CDs
  • C&D services followed by post- or during-construction testing to confirm implementation and achievement of performance/design goals
  • Testing services to assess existing structures/spaces/sites to aid design for renovation projects
  • C&D services accompanying LV and AV services, with or without testing

For Construction Managers, Contractors, Owners & End-Users

  • Testing services to confirm implementation and achievement of performance/design goals
  • Testing services to assess and quantify probable cause and/or validity complaints
  • Testing of new sample finishes (such as vinyl plank flooring or other hard finishes with various underlayments) to assist finish selections for renovation projects
  • Testing of existing or in-progress structures/assemblies to assess and/or determine the extent of renovations needed to maintain or improve acoustic conditions for renovation projects