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Acoustical Our Acoustical Engineering services assist clients in achieving a constructed environment where sound quality and intelligibility are improved and audible distractions are limited. Read more about our acoustical engineering services.

Project Photo: Wall Mount Pyramid and Barrel Sound Diffusers in Soundsoak® FR-701 Straw Fabric
Government As budgets get tighter, federal, state and local agencies are looking for ways to do more with less. With our extensive experience, J&A Engineering understands the infrastructure governments need to gain efficiency through technology.

Project Photo: Center for Disease Control
Offices An office is a workshop and a showplace. Its audio/visual, security and communications network infrastructure must impress clients, protect employees and assets and allow people to do their very best work. J&A Engineering can deliver the tailor-made infrastructure needed for success.  

Project Photo: Southern Company Headquarters
Laboratory It's essential to protect the innovation that's going on inside the laboratory, as well as to ensure that potentially dangerous substances stay safely locked away. Laboratories turn to J&A Engineering to deliver security and control systems they can rely on.

Project Photo: University of Florida Research and Academic Center
Criminal Justice A well-designed technology infrastructure enhances security, communications and documentation in criminal justice environments. J&A Engineering has a proven record of delivering results for courtrooms and correctional facilities.

Project Photo: Rankin County Juvenile Justice Center
Military State-of-the-art communications infrastructure is essential to today's high-tech military operations, and J&A Engineering delivers. From updating existing systems to designing new network schematics, we provide systems engineering expertise that the military can rely on.

Project Photo: Charles George Veterans Administration Medical Center
Convention Centers Convention organizers insist upon state-of-the-art communications systems for every meeting or conference - no matter the size. That's why convention center owners turn to J&A Engineering to get their facilities wired for sight, sound and data, as well as security.

Project Photo: Nashville Music City Center
Health Care J&A Engineering has a proven record of providing high-quality results for health care clients. Our engineering expertise combines with clients' medical know-how to create industry-leading health care facilities.

Project Photo: Henry County Medical Center North Expansion Tower
Higher Education Today's college campus is a fully connected, 24/7 environment. J&A Engineering has the expertise to design and construct systems that can meet the security, data, communications and audio-visual demands of the always-on campus.

Project Photo: University of Georgia Stegeman Coliseum Annex
Aviation In the aviation industry, reliable security and communications systems are crucial. J&A Engineering has proven experience designing mission-critical systems that aviation businesses can rely on.

Project Photo: Reagan Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Facility

Expert Engineering Services

Spotlight: Audio Visual Design Projects

Network & Communications

A well-designed network and communications system is as essential to your operations as a well-constructed building. At J&A Engineering, our independent approach and decades of experience ensure your voice and data networks will be robust, reliable and tailored to your operational needs.

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Audio Visual & Acoustical Design

From schematic design to systems commissioning, testing and acceptance, J&A Engineering has the expertise and experience to deliver state-of-the-art audio visual systems customized to your needs. We provide design engineering, planning and programming services for the building environment, working alongside architects, owners and agencies to ensure project success.

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Life Safety Systems

A robust and reliable life safety system is essential to health care and public safety operations, and J&A Engineering’s team has the know-how to deliver a system you can rely on. Our expertise ensures successful life safety projects from start to finish.

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Security Systems

When it comes to security, there’s no room for error. J&A Engineering’s experienced team delivers security engineering services you can trust. We start with schematic design and stay on the project through commissioning, testing and acceptance — meaning we work with you every step of the way.

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Welcome to J&A Engineering

J&A Engineering is a low voltage engineering design firm that offers a full range of design engineering services for the building environment. We are certified to deliver electronic security, voice/data/CATV distribution, audio/visual, acoustical design, nurse call, communication and life-safety systems. J&A Engineering works alongside architects, owners and agencies to move a project successfully from schematic design through systems commissioning, testing and acceptance. We also provide planning and programming services related to electronic systems projects. All of the required project management and design resources for our projects reside within our firm.